Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative


the healing

powers of nature


HUMI is science led & community focused
& endorsed by the United Nations Secretariat
for the Convention on Biological Diversity.

We seek to understand & recreate healthy microbiomes & unlock the immune boosting powers of biodiverse green space from nature
in urban areas around the world.

to defend the body against pathogens

it primes & trains our immune system

is essential for our health & wellbeing

contact with nature


What is a Healthy Urban Microbiome?

In simple terms, a healthy microbiome
is a diverse community of microbes from nature
in which the beneficial & harmless members are able to keep potentially disease-causing microbes (or pathogens) in check.

The Problem

The majority of the world's population
now live in cities & people are losing contact
with the natural world & the immune boosting
power of biodiverse green spaces.

Human immunity is compromised & health disorders such as allergies, auto-immune & chronic inflammatory diseases are multiplying.

So HUMI is working to encourage
the restoration & creation
of biodiverse green space in urban areas
which is essential for our health & wellbeing.

Our focus in on

green space microbiomes

existing green space initiatives

immune systems & environmental health

vulnerable urban population groups

• biodiverse green space design strategies


Chris Bedwell

strategy · technology · communication

Dr Martin Breed

microbiomes · restoration ecology · ecohealth

Dr Craig Liddicoat

data analysis · soil health · environmental science

Prof. Phil Weinstein

health · environment · conservation

Dr Chris Skelly

systems · problem solving · health intelligence

Jake Robinson

ecology · microbiomics · social research

HUMI development team

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